5 Random Reasons Why Men Cheat.

Cheating here, cheating there,either  in marriage or relationahip, the act of cheating can come from the husband or the wife but this post is committed to discuss about men cheating attitude as the title says.

Most men seem to think that if they can find a woman who is attractive enough, they will never stray. This is one of the many drivers of the male animal’s search for a very attractive mate, but clearly that idea has some problems.

The fact that famous and successful man after man is willing to burn down his marriage and career for the pleasures of an affair raises a variety of interesting questions about human behavior. Why do they cheat, when they seem to have everything at home?

There are numbers of reasons attributed to this, Oftentimes, it's out of spite and neglect, the wife's actitude while the other times, it's because they feel they can do it and won't be caught.

A woman whose husband cheats will  be tempted to question herself like:

*“what is wrong with me?
*Am I not I’m pretty enough?
*Is my ass not curvy and fat enough for him?
*Is my stomach not slim enough for him?
*Is it because I won’t let him bring another girl in the bedroom with us?
*Is it my smart mouth?
*Is it that I’m always “over emotional” like he complains?
*What aren’t I doing right?

I believe that after you must have gone through these 5 reasons the questions above will be answered, though not limited to 5 only. As a man,If any of these apply to you, please fix it before it will too late.

  • Men crave sexual variety.
according to Professor David Buss, in his book " The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating " then I quote “Men have evolved the desire to be with different women,”  

This is because it’s very simple for men to reproduce (one act of sex versus nine months of pregnancy for women), so to create as many offspring as possible they’re biologically programmed to mate with many women.

In addition, Your Sex life contributes alot as sex remains an integral part of a marriage. While some men are quite content spending the rest of their lives having sex with one woman(wife) for many years, others prefer to experiment more as a need, rather than as an option. They want to sleep with many women, many times, and therefore do not think twice before an extra-marital alliance. It perhaps makes them feel sexually powerful and more adept than others.
  • Too many Disturbance in the marriage.
Nagging, regular fights at home with his wife, and other differences which are left unresolved, a pattern sets in wherein he continues to be unhappy and 'disturbed'. In this kind of a scenario, either he can fight or he can flee. When he looks for an affair, he is looking to flee from dealing with the issues in the marriage, and be comfortable with that 'other person'. 
  • Boredom led to Cheating
After few years/months of marriage  the woman will stop being the figure 8 lady she used to be, the romantic lady she used to be just because she now have kids. In this type of situation, Some men may find the routine of a married life to be tedious and dull. These men find it easier to shift dominance or primacy to another relationship and feel the spark outside to be a thrilling option; instead of finding ways of charging their marriage.

  • Men that cheat are emotionally dissatisfied
Yes! Read my lips you that cheat " you'r emtionally dissatisfied" Their wives might be too busy with their own lives, working or bringing up children  emotionally, men are left high and dry. But men are emotionally driven beings too. They want their wives to show them that they're appreciated, and they want women to understand how hard they're trying to get things right. Most men consider it unmanly to ask for a pat on the back, which is why their emotional needs are often overlooked. Sometimes the couple may not be compatible so however much the wife may do, the man will always find something to complain about.

It may also happen that the woman he cheats with is his co-worker or boss, someone who praises him, looks up to him, and compliments his efforts.

  • I Dont really know where to group this point but hear me out first, you will understand.
Some men, in their childhood, may have witnessed cheating in their parent's marriage. This somewhere gives them a message that it is okay to cheat, even though deep inside they know this is wrong. All of us learn from our parents, so taking the risk is good enough. This acquired learning also happens through cheating resorts taken by elder siblings, neighbours, peer group and everybody who has been impacted. Sometimes as teenagers and young adults, some men have had multiple relationships, these men either intentionally or accidentally end up going back to their ex-girlfriends. The other lot goes back to their past style of having multiple relationships. It is well said, what a mind thinks, achieves. So there are females also who are either consciously or unconsciously looking for such men.

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