(Must Read) My Wife Use Stella To Save My Number in Her Phone

This is a true story from one of us here.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to trouble you, l simply need you guys to help me deliberate on this issue. My name is John residing in Lagos Nigeria, I have never touched my wife's telephone for 9years we got married, l don't even want to know who she call or who calls her, on the grounds that am an extremely busy individual. So l was in the lounge a week ago and my son was with my own particular telephone, you know little kids can imprudently lose or drop the telephone anyplace without knowing, so my wife's telephone was close to me, she too was in the kitchen, so l looked for my telephone however couldn't discover it and l took my wife's telephone, dialed my number to scan for my own telephone and a name "Stella" popped out, l dialed again perhaps it was a wrong number, same name popped out, l got to be interested, l dialed my second number, "Stella 2" popped out, l was so irritated, I'm yet to confront her since l noticed that, Even if she can't save it with a pet name, why not use my real name(John) and save it, its irritating, what has my name John got to do with Stella, l don't really get that.

Anyone with better explanation why my woman of 9years should do this, please help me out before I do something stupid. I love her so much."

Dear John,
 I believe you're matured enough and quiet reasonable. This woman has been with you for the past 9 years and if anyone should know her better, that person is you. So I urge you to calm your self down and talk out the issue with her as husband and wife who have stayed for 9 good years but you have to avoid any physical abuse. 

At end, you will see reason to forgive her and continue rolling inlove as one. Nevertheless I will give other readers the opportunity to throw more advice and explanation as you asked.. 


  1. One things I always advice in every relationship is COMMUNICATION! John though it hurts talk with her, to every reaction there is an action!!! If her story is not giving an inking idea of d issue by bro, start clocking your wife for d main time to find out the truth yourself! Thanks..

  2. This might sound funny but truly, it is not. Why would the wife save his no with Stella? What is she hiding?

  3. If after Nine years, you are just touching your wives fone for the first time to discover that she actually saved it with Stella, that means you have not been on top of your game . Couples need to create time for each other, and you claim you are busy. Well Its obvious your wife is cheating and you need to find ways to stop her before tins goes hae wire.

  4. Quite odd and at the same time suspicious. It can be easily resolved with proper communication, but I wonder what good explanation she'll have for storing his number that way.

  5. This is really serious, truly the heart of a woman is an ocean of secret, give a woman a mile n she ll take 10 yards...john should ask her carefully when she is calm and if he finds any iota of infidelity then am afraid he should sue for divorce

  6. Very funny...this not cheating but adultery...it simply means she has a man somewhere who she takes so serious that he doesnt know she has a husband. Women who go out most times allow their men friends know they have husband and they save the men names with stella and not the husband name.

  7. hmmm, nawa o, funny but sad


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