5 Mistakes to Avoid for a Better long Distance Relationship

What is it that a man desires in a woman? If you are miles apart from each other it can be very difficult to maintain his attraction. In this case you should take care even more and avoid certain mistakes.
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If you don’t want to be just another girlfriend in your man’s life and if you would want to win your husband over, then here are some of the relationship advice for you. This is a guest post written by Sarah Williams 

1.Don’t be needy. Men always want to feel needed, but they do not like needy women.

Men expect woman to be independent and confident and not be a stress on him. A good relationship happens when both the partners are independent and do not act like a stress on each other. Men always strive for their space, so just give them their space and let your presence felt when you’re needed.

2.Don’t overthink and keep a sense of humor.

A man likes a woman with a sense of humor. So, laugh at his mistakes and even at his silly jokes. A relationship with a little humor in it would add up sweet in the relation. Making him laugh and have a positive attitude does wonders in winning him over. Color his life during bad and good times with fun and humor.

3. Don’t neglect yourself. Look your best when you finally see each other.

Never let go yourself, as man wants his woman to be taking care of herself including her appearance and health. What men find attractive in woman varies from man to man so the perfect ten cannot be defined. Take a step closer in making yourself look good, with which you could win him every day.

4. Don’t be pushy. The more freedom you will give him, the more he would like to commit to you.

Support him and give him the freedom he wants, as men do not like to be told what they can or cannot do. Give him a little push as to make his succeed in his endeavors. Give your man a hand and accept him for who he is, including all his little imperfections.

A strong communication with each other would be effective in running a successful relationship.

5. Stop expecting too much. Good enough is the new perfect.

Remember that it is not necessary for everything between both the partners should match accordingly.  With a variety of choices is very easy to get lost and always look for a better match. It’s a vicious circle you have to avoid.

As there could be different point of views, Things are supposed to be different. One would require handling such situations very calmly without an argument. Be frank in expressing your feelings and also speak out the facts that make you angry, upset or disappointed. Especially when you use Skype or chat is easy to misunderstand someone’s intentions. The more descriptive you are, the easier it may be for your partner to understand you.

Sarah Williams is a lifestyle writer who specializes in Dating  and Relationship advice. Read more of her article at Wingman Magazine 


  1. Hi Sarah, I would like to say that we love the girl who cares and who make us happy most of the time. Who makes the time unique and special. If there's no different, if she is not here, if another girl can do what she do. It's not unique. Think like a man and tell me the reason that will make me leave millions of girls because of one if she is not an epic girl, only with me?

    Just my thoughts as a man :)

  2. Well i dont like a long distance relationship; i just cant cope. As for me, anywhere i go, she goes wit me....

  3. Maintaining distance relationship can be trickish most times. But with proper communication and understanding things can be sort out.

  4. Thanks for the enlightenment this is an open eye thanks bro,.

  5. Long distance relationships can be very suffocating and requires a lot of trust

  6. Long distance relationships can be very suffocating and requires a lot of trust

  7. If you are like most people, that's about as far as your education went in terms of actually learning about Clarkson josh why men and women get together in a relationship.


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